The Team

Stacey floyd - owner

Stacey floyd - owner

April Fish

April Fish

MacKenzie Witzke

MacKenzie Witzke


SF Services is set apart from other accounting firms and we can tell you why. Most firms want to get the work done and so do we, but we want to take care of you and your business in the process. Our goal is to help you understand the numbers so that you can increase and decrease them where necessary. We also provide consulting for those hard decisions and confusing tasks.


Services Include:

+   Bookkeeping

+   Monthly Financial Reporting

+   Business Consulting


We have helped many businesses understand their books, see what some of them are saying:


“I highly recommend Stacey as a consultant and business specialist. In 4 years she’s personally made me one of the top State Farm agents in Texas. Her expertise has made me realize my true potential and understand the importance of growth and the bottom line. Thank you for all you do for me!!”

Jason Chafe – State Farm Agent - Amarillo, TX


“Stacey has been a huge asset in my business. She is now doing the bookkeeping/accounting for my business. She has taken so much off my plate to where I can focus on growing my business. I have total confidence in all she does and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a very trustworthy competent accountant!”

Cindy Waggoner – State Farm Agent - Park City, KS


“If you're looking for professional book keeping you need to contact Stacey. She added tremendous value to our companies through her wisdom and attention to details.”

Merritt Vaughn - State Farm Agent and Owner of Orkin Pest Control - Amarillo, TX


“Stacey and her team are an awesome asset to my business. It’s not uncommon knowledge that to be successful you need to surround yourself with the top talent in areas you are weakest. Stacey is one of the most valuable people on my side making sure my bookkeeping and reporting are up to date so I have a current pulse on my business. She does an awesome job of breaking down information to a comprehensible level for income, expenses, and P&L. I’m appreciative of her coordination with our tax accountant as well, making everything seamless. She’s an invaluable asset and I can not recommend her highly enough.”

Mike Frank - State Farm Agent - Roscoe, IL